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Audrey is currently a veterinary assistant and was previously a kennel technician for three years prior to going to veterinary assistant school. She is currently going back to school to become a better version of herself and to become a veterinarian. Audrey recently moved from her home state to the hustle and bustle of sunny California and while it has been a big change, it was a must! Audrey loves to go on adventures and to try new things. Staying physically fit is important and she enjoys yoga, roller blading and running. She is artistic and likes to draw, paint, decorate and can even tattoo. Audrey considers herself a “big nerd” when it comes to topics like superheroes, anime, nature or conspiracy theories. She is a very spiritual person and loves nature and animals with all her heart!

“Being able to work with animals every day is the best job I could ask for!” – Audrey